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08/01/17 - Bought same Sat Nav as driving examiners are using.

From when the 'L driving test changed on 04/12/17, Sat Navs have been used by examiners in 4 out of 5 test for candidates to drive independently with 1 out of 5 candidates having to follow signs instead.  Today I bought the Tom Tom Start 52 Sat Nav which he examiners use so that my pupils will be practising with this same 5 inch Sat Nav as they might get in their test.

04/12/17 - The new 'L' driving test comes into effect today. 

Here is the link to the blog from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency: DVSA blog of new 'L' driving test changes

04/08/15 - Top 'A' grade award for my driving instruction:

Today I was awarded the top 'A' grade for my driving instruction by the Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency.

10/06/15 - Reduction in price of theory test:

From October 2015, the price of the theory test will fall from £25 to £23.

11/01/15 - Possible changes to the driving test:

The Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency is piloting changes to the driving test in several test centres around the country.  The changes are:

1) Independent driving increased from 10 to 20 minutes out of the 40 minute test;
2) Use of SatNav as part of this independent driving;
3) Turn in the road and Reversing round the corner manoeuvres no longer required; and
4) Reversing out of a parking bay now required.

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